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The Diverse Range of Industries We Serve

DISMAC dedicated to supplying disposable protective workwear with decent quality to meet escalating market demands and comply with international safety standards. 

We've worked with customers from food processing, catering service, medical, dental, healthcare, pharmaceutical, laboratory, hygiene, industrial safety, cleaning, beauty Spa, hairdressing, manufacturing, construction, ariculture, gas stations and airline supplies.

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Food Processing & Catering

Food safety is a major challenge facing people in today’s society. We use food-grade materials to ensure the safety of contact with food and to avoid the harm of bacteria and germs.


Disposable protective workwear are not only used in food processing and handling, but also in catering services to meet hygienic needs. 

We provide disposable gloves, caps, face masks, aprons, sleeve covers, shoe covers and other products.


Medical & Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require high hygiene level of personal protective apparel that prevent cross-infection between medical staff and patients.


DISMAC uses excellent polypropylene non-woven and plastic materials to protect against infectious particles, dirt and harmful temperature extremes.

Medical Surgical Disposable Clothing
Safety Personal Protective Clothing Disposable


Safety ( Personal Protection )

Disposable clothing is a subdivided field in the Personal Protective Equipments(PPE) industry. We are determined to provide workers with safer products and solutions.

Disposable protective clothing is widely used in laboratories, construction, agriculture, mining, cleanroom, mechanical maintenance and precision electronics manufacturing.

The protective gears are resistant to harsh substances to protect laborers.


Beauty Spa & Hairdressing

Dismac provides disposable Spa undergarments, Robes, Bras, Thongs, Boxer, Caps, Headbands and Lingerie. 


The soft and lightweight disposable spa apparel, help you reduce laundry expense and provide your clients with disposable clothing options which allow them with no worries of staining lingerie and pants.


For hair dressing and styling filed, we offer disposable face masks, vinyl gloves and caps.

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