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Disposable Gloves, Face Masks & Personal Protective Clothing for multi-purpose

Protection for Workplace Hygiene and safety

DISMAC, based in China, is a certified manufacturer and exporter of disposable face masks, gloves, protective clothing and medical related products with 8 years of experience.

We are proud for keeping supplying quality products CONTINUOUSLY, which makes us enjoy high reputation and go into more markets.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Related Products

From 3 ply Face Masks, KN95 masks, Gloves, Non-contact Infrared Thermometers, Isolation Gowns to Coverall, DISMAC provides quality hygienic and safety products designed to make public and workplaces safer. We do our best to fulfill clients’ needs with extensive range of hygiene and personal protective workwear to fight for the epidemic.

Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Mask with Earloop TYPE II & IIR

3 Ply Surgical Face Masks

Three layers with meltblown polypropylene filter provides superior filtration. Block the droplets and reduce the risk of bacteria. BFE 99%. Meet EN14683 Type II & IIR. Meet FDA 510K.

Gorro Desechable Clip, Disposable Non Woven Clip Cap, made of polypropylene(PP)

Non Woven Mob Cap (Clip Cap)

Made of Spunbond Polypropylene(SPP), multiple colors are available. It's an economy choice for workplace hygiene, used in food, cleanroom, medical, electronics, Laboratory, Manufacturing..

Disposable LDPE Gloves Polyetheylene Gloves Food Handling

Disposable PE Gloves

The transparent PE Gloves are tensile and durable. It's safe for food contact and some low risk cooperation. Economic and low cost choice of hand protection.

Disposable TPE Stretch Gloves

TPE Stretchy Gloves

TPE stretch gloves are another excellent alternative of vinyl gloves since they are cost-effective. Stretch TPE gloves are ideal for light duty applications.

PE (polyethylene) Sleeve Covers, PE oversleeves

Disposable PE Sleeve Covers

Polyethylene(PE) sleeve covers, also called PE Oversleeves, have elastic bands at both ends. Waterproof, protect the arm from liquid splash, dust, dirty and low risk particles. It's ideal for Food industry, Medical, Laboratory, Cleanroom, Printing..

Disposable pe apron white

Disposable PE Apron

The disposable PE aprons are durable and waterproof, protect your workwear agaist contamination. The aprons have smooth or embossed surface, size 27x42", 28x46" and customize.

Isolation & Surgical Gowns

Disposable protective gowns made from Nonwoven polypropylene material, light-weight, elastic or knitted cuffs, fine penetration resistance. Meet AAMI PB70:2013 Level 2, 3 & EN13795.

Medical Protective Coverall

Nonwoven polypropylene with laminated microporous film makes it breathable. Anti-static, liquid-splash proof. The adhesive seam sealing tapes prevent liquid from leaking through seams. PPE Category III Type 5, 6.

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Extensive product solutions for hygiene and protection

DISMAC provides high-performing, innovative and premium quality products to meet the needs of our customers. We offer an extensive choice of personal protective consumable, disposable/single-use products for occupational health and workplace safety. Besides that, we also supply some medical disposables and infection control products.

Highly Responsibility for quality assurance

We take product quality seriously for our clients. We make on-site products inspection for every order. In addition, we print interior code onto packaging for tracing date of manufacture, purchased material batch number and production batch to help solve problem timely. If you receive defect products, we do best to get you all kinds of compensation to reduce your lost.

Delivery quality products and Service CONTINUOUSLY

Although the network has shortened the distance and communication has become more convenient, trust is still difficult to establish, especially the international business across two different countries. Therefore, we firmly believe that continuously delivery of high-quality products and service is the best practice for building trust and maintaining long-term cooperation.

Featured Products

Disposable HDPE Gloves

Disposable Polyethylene(PE) Gloves

The transparent HDPE/LDPE Gloves are tensile and durable. It’s safe for food contact and some low risk cooperation. Ideal and economical choice.

Widely used for Food Processing, Fast Food, Cafeteria, Painting, Medical, Cleanroom, Laboratory and Hygiene industries.

Non Woven Mob Caps, disposable clip caps made of polypropylene

Disposable Polypropylene(PP) Clip Caps

Soft non-woven elasticated head cover with single or double stitch.

Widely used in Cleanroom, Electronics, Food industry, Laboratory, Manufacturing and Safety.

Color: White, Blue, Green, Yellow

Size: 18″, 20″, 21″, 24″

Available styles: Single / Double elastic

disposable CPE Shoe Cover

Disposable CPE Shoe Covers

Color: Blue, Green, White

Size: 15x38cm, 15x40cm or customized

Material: 15 – 40 micron CPE(Chlorinated Polyethylene)

Elastic ankle strap, embossed surface

High durable and tensile, waterproof

Packing: 100 pcs/bag, 20 bags/carton box  (100×20) or as required

Non Woven Anti-Skid Shoe Covers Machine Made

Non Woven Anti-Skid Shoe Covers Machine-made

Polypropylene Non-woven fabric with a lightly “NON-SKID” stripe sole. Machine- made for single use.

It’s ideal for Food industry, Medical, Hospital, Laboratory, Manufacturing, Cleanroom and Printing.

Color: Blue

Size: 16x40cm, 17x41cm, 17x42cm

Material: 30-40 g/m² polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Elastic ankle opening

Disposable Non Woven PP Isolation Gowns, elastic cuffs

Non Woven(PP) Isolation Gown

This disposable PP isolation gown made from light-weight polypropylene nonwoven fabric ensures you get comfort. Featuring classic neck and waist elastic straps give a good body protection. It offers two types: elastic cuffs or knitted cuffs.

Widely used in Medical, Hospital, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food industry, Laboratory, Manufacturing and Safety.

Color: Blue, Yellow, Green, White

Size: 110x135cm, 115x137cm, 120x140cm or customized

Neck and waist tie, open back, Elastic cuff or Knitted cuff…

Disposable Polypropylene Non Woven Coverall

Disposable Microporous Coverall

The disposable microporous coverall is an excellent barrier against dry particles and liquid chemical splash. Laminated microporous material makes the coverall breathable.

Microporous Coverall combined soft polypropylene non-woven fabric and microporous film, lets moisture vapor escape to keep wearer comfortable. It’s a good barrier for wet or liquid and dry particles.

Good protection in highly sensitive environments, including medical practices, pharmaceutical factories, cleanrooms, non-toxic liquid handling operations and general industrial workspaces..

Keep People Safe & Productive

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In the past 8 years, DISMAC has been manufacturing and exporting disposable protective products for the food, medical, safety, spa beauty industries and supplying personal safety workwear in a wide variety of markets.


We offer our global customers a broad range of quality products to cover a variety of hand-protection and body-protection needs.


As a growing brand in China, we are cooperating with different types of customers in markets: importers, brand manufacturers, distributors, food factories, hospitals, clinics, beauty spa supply companies, gas stations and airline catering service companies. 


We are capable to help you grow the business and provide suitable product solution to your clients.

Manufacturing facilities and technique

With superior production and supply control, DISMAC guarantees a steady supply of disposable gears for personal protection from head to toe.


We invested 15 million RMB into three different manufacturing facilites and helped built up non-dust workshop and laboratory. Now we have 8 workshops and 12 production lines, the production area is about 43000 square meters.


Good performance machines, fine material and skilled workers, all these factors combine together so that to achieve premium quality.


You can view our different production equipment, technique, workshops, material storage, laboratory and warehouse by clicking the below button

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Food Processing    Dental    Medical    Healthcare    Laboratory    Hygiene    Safety    Cleaning    Manufacturing   Beauty Spa    Hair styling   Gas Station   Airlines

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