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Disposable Men’s Boxer

Disposable Men’s Boxer

Disposable Men’s boxer briefs are made of soft non-woven fabric. With elastic at waist, the material is breathable and latex-free. 

Ideal for sauna, spa center, travel, hospital stays and many practical situations.

Features and benefits

  • Color: Dark blue(Navy), Blue, Black, White
  • Size: M – XXL.
  • Material: 35 – 40 gsm spunbond polypropylene(SPP) nonwoven
  • Packing: 1 pc/bag, 10pcs/big bag, 100pcs/carton

Technical Details & Additional Information

MBXR100MDark Blue, PP material 35gsm1 pc/bag, 10 pcs/big bag, 100 pcs/carton

Other Sizes or Colors that didn’t show in the above chart can also be manufactured according to specific requirement.

DISMAC is a trusted disposable glove and clothing manufacturer who has a high reputation among Chinese export companies. Our reputation comes from providing Clean and safe products to worldwide customers in different industries to help them relieve customer complaint and achieve success.

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